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Whilst carrying out our carpet cleaning we have noticed an increasing amount of moth damaged carpets.
The good news is that moths are not a danger to health or disease carriers,the bad news is they can cause hundreds and in many cases thousands of pounds worth of damage to your carpets and clothing if not dealt with!
 About carpet moths
It is the larval stage of the moths life cycle which causes the most damage to carpets by feeding on any natural fibres within the carpet. The female moth lay around 50-100 eggs in batches. The larvae are repelled by the light and as a result cause deep burrowing into their food which is carpets. As well as bare patches in the carpet another sign of carpet moths are small white paper like cases around 6-7mm long. These are most often found under pieces of furniture which have not been moved for some time. They are silk cocoons which the lava spins and from which the adult moths emerge. The eggs of the moth are sticky which is how they are transferred from room to room.
How can you tell you have a moth problem?
The most common signs of moth damage are:
Holes appearing in clothing.
Tufts of carpeting coming away when vacuum cleaning.
Holes in carpets may be found when moving standing furniture as often the damage occurs underneath.
If you believe you have a carpet moth problem
Please call as soon as you notice it, the moths will not leave of their own accord and will continue to cause damage until such time as the problem is treated.
Once an appointment has been made you should ensure that the affected areas of carpets are thoroughly vacuumed and the vacuum bag is disposed of in an outside bin.
We will visit to assess the extent of the problem and identify that it is carpet moths. Once we have confirmed that it is carpet moths our trained technician will use a sprayer to apply a residual insecticide in the affected rooms. We will leave you with details of the insecticide used and any safety precautions that should be followed.

The products we use must be applied by a qualified technician and as such are not available to the general public as DIY products.

This treatment is also effective against bed bugs, carpet beetles and many other flying and non flying pests.
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